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About Us

Everything under one roof,  Pattern development to dispatch

All project phases are managed internally under the responsibility of a single contact-person, resulting in seamless quality and deadline control.

Optimum coordination

Manufacturing and processing are perfectly coordinated with each other. The “pull” production system ensures shortest throughput times, while preventing bottlenecks.

A wide range of know-how

We offer 30 years of expertise in the development of specific materials, casting procedures, material testing, additional and further processing and worldwide delivery.

A wide presence in many sectors

Components supplied by FITCAST appear anywhere from the Compressor industry, Mining and Material Processing OEM , Vacuum and Valve Industry , Machine tool Industry , Plastic Injection Moulding machine, Tablet making Machines etc . As they are exposed to all manner of challenges in terms of strength, durability , wear and tear, an individual approach has to be taken to each project.

Fairness based on guiding values

Achieving and living a common set of values. Fitcast Founders & Engineers Pvt.Ltd. is an owner-managed family business, which has taken a long-term approach to product-development ever since it was founded by partners Mr.B.B.Andhrutkar and Mr.Chetan Champaneria in 1999. This approach is based on a set of values that includes our management guidelines and a code of conduct that each and every employee feels bound to abide by. The sense of community at all levels of the organisation helps contribute to a highly-attractive working ambience. A sure sign that this is so is the low level of staff-turnover. There are in fact various cases of several members of the same family being in our workforce. This extraordinarily-high level of satisfaction and identification with the organisation is an important factor in our success as a company. This fairness in all our dealings naturally applies to our customers and external partners too. Our numerous business relationships of many years’ standing likewise bear witness to just how much these values are appreciated.

Our approach is based on

  • Tolerance
  • Health
  • Openness
  • Humanity
  • The appreciation of values
  • An awareness of responsibility
  • Sincerity
  • Trustworthiness