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Quality is what we believe in ;

Quality is what we deliver..

Customer`s Need

Customer’s requirement is vital in order to serve satisfactory results. Consistency in quality product, Service to the customer , Communication channels play important role in customers satisfaction. At Fitcast we carefully consider all the customers requirement and try to serve them better each time with our consistency.


We get motivation from our team , our people working at each level. Our Customers ~ Our Suppliers.
The beauty of a family run- professional business set up is; you work together like a family. And share the highs and lows.
Together we make things happen!

Quality Material

As we say Quality is what we believe in ; Quality is what we deliver.
In order to supply world class casting quality it is essential to procure world class quality material.
We adhere to strict in-coming quality norms to deliver the best quality to our customers

Process Control

Process Control is one of the key factors in the foundry field.
At Fitcast, we ensure that each and every process involved is checked, re-checked in the
Inhouse lab , once a month the samples are sent to third party lab to re-confirm. All the check points are to be cleared at every stage to avoid discrepancies due to process fault.
Each process check points are backed by proper documentation and technical analysis.


With the leadership of a young top management we are upgraded with the new age technology and processes. We were among the first who got Omega Sand Reclamation plant imported from UK in the west zone during the early age of the company. Followed by in-house lab equipped with Spectrometer and other testing instruments.

New Standards

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